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Chennai Meeting Resolution-1

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch

Rashtriya Prishad, Chennai (9-10 April, 2011)


Ban Genetically Modified Crops, Organisms and Food


s made from them
Genetically modified Crops and Organisms and the food material made from them have been posing serious threat to the public health and biological wealth of the country. Approval of such organisms and permitting research and trial of them without effective bio-safety measures and lack of regulation of food items made from them, are all matters of serious concern.

In order to safeguard against the mutation in such genetically modified crops and organisms and to protect the adjacent germ-plasm from pollen exit sterlisation of such crops by terminator technology is made mandatory in other countries. But, in India induction of terminator technology is equally fatal as the farmers would by rendered devoid of their seed wealth.

Indeed, it is very serious that why the government is not taking cognizance of the allergic “star link corn” and the damage caused to the kidneys and livers of mices etc., fed on genetically modified tomatoes? What compulsion is there upon the government for not bringing the legislation to label the genetically modified food as GM food and stating the names of the countries on the label where it is banned?

Why BT cotton was permitted without any effective strategy to arrest the pollen exit leading to the spread of the poison synthesizing “AAD” gene and to prevent the evolution of the ball worm into super pest? Why the government shown undue haste, through unsuccessfully to introduce BT Brinjal?

All these questions are evident enough to prove beyond doubt that the government is playing with the public health and safety of our germ plasm. It is also deplorable that the government had proposed to incorporate a provision in the Bio Tech Regulators Law to penalize the persons, who would oppose the genetically modified crops. The government should also keep it in view that the genetic engineering can be used as a weapon by the terrorists. the US government has already established a defence cell with a budget of $300 million, against the agri-bio terrorism.

In view of the dangers of the genetically modified varieties, the Swadeshi Jagran Manch demands that the government should ban the usage of GM seeds crops and GM food in the country.

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