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Chennai Meeting Resolution-3

Nationalise all the Black Money

People’s anger is at the verge of explosion, on the issue of corruption. Common man is desperate to get rid of this menace at any cost. For this people are ready to support all such organizations, individuals and ideologies who are coming forward to start campaign against corruption. People are so very irritated that they are even ready for direct fight against corruption. At this juncture we need to give direction to people rescut view. Swadeshi Jagran Manch has been performing an important role in this direction with the help of its programmes and campaigns. Activists of the Manch are preparing a road map for fight against corruption at all levels.

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch is not only committed to stop corruption prevalent in government department and administration, it is lending its active support to the campaigns at different levels to bring back nations wealth deposited in foreign banks illegally. Swadeshi Jagaran Manch has been fighting for bringing Indian wealth back to India at any cost in the role of consultant to make law for this purpose, and by way of movement is compel the government to stop defending the law breakers, with the ultimate aim to bring our money back and chennalise the same for the development of the economy. From different sources it is becoming evident that at least 80 lakh crores of rupees are deposited with banks in ‘tax heaven’ countries. This amount is more than even India’s GDP. Government is not only forced to borrow heavily due to heavy lose of revenue due to corruption, more currency is printed to somehow bridge the gap between revenue and expenditure of the government. As a result of this common man is forced to reel under hyper inflation.

Because of the loss of revenue to the government, expenditure on essential social services like health and education is badly hit. Because of lack of health facilities, 66 out of 1000 children are not able to celebrate even their 5th birthday. Illiteracy is a major road block to our economic development. Today our nation is considered to be one of the most corrupt nation of the world and our transparency index has fallen to 3.3, due to ultra big scams such as, 2G Spectrum Scam (1.76 lack crores), Common Wealth Games Scam (50 thousands crores), Telagi Scam (40 thousands crores) etc.
Wealth generated by hard work of the Indian people is benefiting either the foreign countries or helping and financing the terrorism in the country. Manch is of the considered opinion that if this money is somehow brought to the country, governments would need not borrow any money for any project for the next 10 years. Swadeshi Jagaran Manch rejects every argument of the government which states that because of the international agreements with different nations, government cannot seek information on money deposited in the banks of tax heaven countries or even after the getting the names of such people who have deposited black wealth in foreign banks, it cannot make them public. Manch warns the government that along with efforts to brings Indian money back, it should also, make public the names of people having such accounts.

This Rashtriya Prishad of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch demands that the government enact a law such that corrupt people are booked for their crimes without any delay and they should be convicted under a fast judicial process. People with corruption charges are not allowed to fight elections. Once charges are proved their wealth be forfeited.

Rashtriya Prishad demands that money deposited in foreign banks should not be looked at from the point of view of tax evasion. This is a cut case of treason and therefore such criminal should be booked under treason. In such cases of corruption and illegal foreign deposits, a law should be enacted for a time bound judicial process for faster justice. Those who are enable to the tell the source of their wealth, it should be forfeited and nationalized.

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