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Odisha Resolution 2 (E)

Swadeshi Model can only Save Earth

The Planet Earth our only sweet home, is speeding towards an ecological disaster may be in the next 50 years or even earlier. The final warning has been given by the I.P.C.C. which submitted its latest the 5th Assessment Report on 27th Sept.2013. Some of its findings are :-

1) There is more CO2, Methane, and Nitrons Oxide, in atmosphere to day than in the last 800,000 years.

2) Due to unabated Green House Gases emissions 20C barrier may be crossed by 2040.

3) By 2050 Arctic could be completely ice free.

Based on the I.P.C.C 5th Assessment Report, the U.N.E.P has issued on 20.11.14, an emergency plan of action. It says :-

a) CO2 emission must be Zero by 2070.
b) All Green House Gases emission must be Zero by 2100, to prevent severe, wide spread and irreversible effects from climate changes.

A Research paper recently published by the Royal Society of U.K. warns that Indians can expect 10 times more heat waves by the turn of the Century due to global warming.

These are really dire warnings which we can ignore only at our Peril. The wolf is knocking at our doors.

India today is burning 37 lakh barrels of Petroleum oil, every day. It is the 4th largest Petroleum consumer in the world and the 4th largest Polluter.

In this background next 25-30 years are very important for the very survival of life on earth Business as usual approach will only speed up the crisis.

This 12th National Conference of Swadeshi Jagran Manch resolves to:-

1) Support the Government for the stand it has taken at the U.N. Conference at Lima-Peru in December, 2014. We approve that it is western countries who have enjoyed all the benefit of industrial development over to Century and in the process polluted not only their environmental space but ours also. As per the principle Polluter Pays the responsibility of environmental cleanup lies squarely on the Western nations. Poor countries like India should be allowed some environmental space to grow. India is ready to co-operate provided the rich countries provide the necessary green technologies without Patent tag and also financial assistance. Swadeshi Jagran Manch insist that the Govt. should adhere to its just stand even in Paris Conference slated for December, 2015.

2) At the same time India also has to readjust its development policies so that least polluting options are first adopted for example Solar and other eco-friendly power generating systems, organic farming, mass transport rather than personal transport and so on. In short SJM demands an environmentally sustainable development model to be adopted on a priority basis by giving up its business as usual approach.

3) SJM also urges the people to understand the severeness of the ecological crisis and not only co-operate with the Govt. with its efforts to save the environment but even adopt on eco-friendly life style such as personal and public hygiene, minimizing wastage of water, electricity, food and so on.

If we save environment, environment will save us. If we destroy it, it will surely destroy us. Option is ours

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