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11th National Conference - Thiruvanthapuram (Kerala)

11th National Conference - Thiruvanthapuram (Kerala)

11th National Conference - Thiruvanthapuram (Kerala)
13, 14, 15 December 2013

Statement issued by SJM in its 11th National Conference in Thiruvananthapuram on increasing threats to Security of India

India is facing multifarious challenges on the security front both internal and external.Surrounded by hostile neighbors like trouble making Pakistan and unpredictable China, our borders are shrinking even after decades of gaining independence. Our influence on politically unstable Nepal, growingly extremist Bangladesh, civil war ravaged Sri Lanka and even in Tiny Maldives is progressively weaving.

Forces detrimental to India including countries with impearlist and expansionist designs are active both inside India and on its borders from everyside. Threats from sea route are also at an all-time high.

New disruptive technologies such as ICT, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D manufacturing and embedded technologies have irrevocably changed the nature of security risks. Increased density and spread of internet connectivity has made us prove to sophisticated cyber-attacks particularly in sensitive areas from hostile elements.

India is also in the middle of a war between both crushing economic interests as well as interests motivated by civilizational superiority.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh acknowledged the challenges posed by the shift in global strategic focus towards the Asia-Pacific region, in his address to the combined commandos conference on November 22, 2013.

As an emerging economic power with huge domestic market security threat to our industrial infrastructure and coastal area remains high.

Terrorism and naxalism continues to make the country vulnerable to sabotage and attacks.The fact of the Indian neighbourhood being surrounded by states which are non-functional and/or which are bearers of organisations inimical to the interests of India like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal whether they be Islamists or Maoists is known by all.

The fact that even small Bangladesh or even smaller Maldives don't care much for India is apparent to all. The Sri Lankan government as well as the government of Myanmar are increasing interaction with powers which are opposed to India like China.

On its northern borders India of course is confronted by China which is constructing heavy infrastructure on its borders thereby threatening the security of India while also damming rivers which flow into India thereby endangering the water resources of the country having a clear knock-on effect on agriculture which is the mainstay of the Indian economy.
It is also seemingly strange that the present government is not paying heed to the forces of Maoism and Islamism which are running rampant across the country. Needless to say that both are influenced by disruptive ideologies and are backed by foreign countries which are adverse to the interests of India.

It is also strange that even though it is clearly acknowledged that China is the major threat to Indian security including its continuing illegal occupation of Aksai Chin area of our country in north and unremitting threat over parts of Arunachal Pradesh, Chinese companies are being given the high security projects involving crucial sections of the Indian infrastructure throughout the country. Indian security and well-being is being compromised apparently.

Dependence for our defence requirements on imports almost completely, including overdependence on information & telecommunication equipments manufactured abroad that runs a high risk of implanted malicious codes being used for both spying as well as disruption of security network is another dimension that poses a grave danger to the country particularly in a scenario where a ‘two-front’ along with a simultaneous internal subversion is being seen as an almost certain.

At the other end of the spectrum the Indian government is not paying heed to the worldwide concern of American Internet companies acting on the half of the United States of America security agencies to spy on people in this country. The fact that they are the company which is making the “Aadhar” unique identity document which includes or attempts to include every small detail of every Indian is owned partially by corporate interests close to the American security establishment is a matter of grave concern. However the present government is in no mood to heed warnings or to be concerned about the security of India being so obsessed in covering up for itself and its various scams.

The internal security of India and the external security of India is clearly in danger in the hands of the present government.

The Swadeshi Jagran Manch therefore calls upon the government of India to shed its soft-state approach and take bold steps like:

1. Forth with stop allowing foreign companies particularly from china from bidding for defence related projects.

2. Take all the necessary steps to indigenise defence production and end the overdependence on imports.

3. Fully implement the preferential market access to domestic telecom equipment manufacturing companies to avoid security risks involved.

4. Take all required steps needed to prepare security forces in every respect for a possible two-front armed confrontation and a simultaneous internal subversion.

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