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Bharat@2047: Roadmap for Development

Swadeshi Sodh Sansthan organized a one-day seminar on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Rashtra Rishi Dattopant Thengdi ji at Satyagraha Mandap, Gandhi Darshan and Gandhi Smriti, Rajghat, New Delhi. The program had multiple sessions apart from the inaugural and concluding sessions. The theme of the Sessions were (i) Demographic Trends Shaping Economic Growth; (ii) New Economic Paradigm for 2047: Deliberating Human Centric Development; (iii) Security Paradigm for New Bharat; and (iv) Deliberating Bharat’s Technology Paradigm - Challenging Monopolization, Bringing Equity & Accelerating Growth. The concluding session focused on (v) Strong and Self-Reliant Bharat as a VishwaGuru for designing a prosperous and peaceful World and was followed by valedictory session. 

The speakers were the leading practitioners of their respective domains. It was addressed by national convener of SJM Sri. Sundaram ji,  co-convener of SJM Dr. Ashwani Mahajan  ji and Dr. Bhagwati Prakash Sharma ji,  participation by Akhil Bhartiya Sampark Pramukh of SJM Sri Deepak Sharma Pradeep ji, and Akhil Bhartiya Sah-Sanghatak of SJM Sri. Satish Kumar ji; Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan was represented by Dr. Pradeep S Chauhan who works as professor at JNU, Chartered accountant Sri. Anil Sharma, Dr. Sarabjeet Kaur of Delhi University, Dr. Compesh Pannu, and Chartered accountant Sri. Vijay Goel ji, award-winning journalists Sri. Aditya Raj Kaul- Executive Editor TV9 Network; renowned defense policy experts Dr. Rajiv Nayan from Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, Dr. R K Tyagi ji – former chairperson of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, reputed representatives from the political leadership of the country were former union ministers Sri Suresh Prabhu ji and Sri Vijay Goel ji, film historian and author Sri. Gautam Chintamani; founder of Zoho Corporation Padamshri Sri Shridhar Vembu; Sri. Shivshakti Bakshi, Dr. Sanjiv Joshi, Prof. Amita Devi, Prof. Sapna Poti, Dr. Naveen Balli, Sr. Vinay Goel ji,  Sri. Shaurya Doval, Prof Shasi Wanjari VC of NIEPA, Prof Ram Singh from DSE,   Chartered Accountant Sri. Rajiv Singh ji, Sri. Gagan Kumar, Sri. Vinay Ji from Punjab, Smt. Mythili from Chennai, and Smt.  Shivalli Chauhan ji from ministry of defence contributed with their participation in the seminar.

The seminar discussed about the lens with which the world sees Bharat today, whether it be marching towards self-reliance in consumer products, vaccine maître, success of UPI, countering narrative building by reports like Hunger Index, defense preparations and relevance of soft power like- films, literature, narrative building, and propaganda in policy making, capability and harnessing demographic dividend, focus on promoting district centered planning and innovation at local level. The title of the seminar was Bharat@2047: Roadmap for Development.

This seminar emerged as great learning opportunity for the audience in general and for college students in particular, the delivery was from experienced and credible panelists.

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