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Guwahati National Council Meeting - Resolution-1 (E)

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch
National Council 20-21 May2017
Guwahati (Assam)

Free Bharat From Chinese Influence

Time and again Swadeshi Jagran Manch has been cautioning the nation that China is the biggest threat to our economy, employment of our youth, our national security and our national integrity. In the last 19 years since 1996-97, our imports from China have increased 78 times and today they are equivalent to nearly 22 percent of our domestic manufacturing. We are importing almost all types of manufactured products including machinery, electronic and electric equipments, other consumer goods, tyres, project goods etc.Chinese imports are coming in the way of employment of our fast increasing employable youth employment and our demographic dividend is being squandered away in the hands of China. It is for these reasons, SJM decided to devote the year 2017 for a campaign against Chinese goods, Chinese investment and Chinese companies, to save the nation from Chinese onslaught. Karyakartas of SJM are going to nooks and corners of the country to make ordinary people realise the need to buy Indian goods so that our workers get jobs. So far more than one crore people have given their signatures committing themselves to boycott Chinese and other foreign goods, on the call of SJM.

This Rashtriya Parishad of SJM heartily welcomes the new initiative of the government to give preference to the ingeniously produced goods in the procurement made by different departments of the government under amended Rule 153 of General Financial Rules 2017. This act of the government would definitely free the government's procurement of Chinese and other foreign goods. Welcoming this initiative of the government, Swadeshi Jagran Manch demands from the government to extend this preferential policy to the indigenous services also and no foreign consultants and foreign service providers be hired in the government departments. Apart from saving valuable foreign exchange this would go a long way to reduce foreign influence on our policy making. We further urge upon the central government to persuade state governments to follow the suit for preferential treatment to the ingenious goods. A legislation in line with 'Buy American Act 1933' , 'Buy and Hire Bhartiya Act' could be enacted mandating all departments of the central government and also the state governments to buy and hire only Bhartiya goods and services.

We appreciate govt's stand on proposed One Belt one Road (OBOR) being pushed by China, as the same would be detrimental to our national interest. China's continuos efforts to subjugate the entire world economically underlines the need for a tough India's policy vis a vis China.

This Rashtriya Parishad of SJM demands from the government to look into the following major areas of concern –

1. To restrict import of sub standard products from China and other parts of the world, India should fix 'standards' for various goods, currently being imported from China. These flexibilities are available under rules of World Trade Organisation (WTO) and most of the countries are making use of these provision. ?

2. No new trade agreements should be made with China including Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

3. It is unfortunate that despite misadventures and escalating diplomatic offensives of China, central government and state governments are entering into various investment agreements with Chinese companies. They even do not hesitate in saying that though they do not approve of increasing imports of Chinese goods, however investment from China is welcome. Some state governments are even organizing conventions to attract Chinese investment. This trend needs to be curbed and no new investment agreement should be made with Chinese companies.

4. Our trade and industry is being fast captured by Chinese companies, as many Indian companies are entering into various types of agreements with Chinese companies. Our start-ups are also being financed by Chinese, and their equity is going into Chinese hands. We should not forget that most of the Chinese companies are under the control of Chinese government. This increasing dependence on Chinese companies, may lead the country’s security, trade and industry into deep trouble in the event of war. Therefore we need to prohibit Chinese investment in Indian companies.

5. Chinese companies are fast increasing their presence in sensitive regions, especially North- Eastern states, border states etc. by winning contracts, which present a security threat to the country. Therefore Chinese companies be debarred from filing tenders for contracts.

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