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National Council Meeting - 4-5 June, 2022 (Nagpur, Maharashtra)

  • First Session

The meeting of Rastriya Prishad of Swadeshi Jagran Manch begun on 4th June 2022 with the lighting of lamp by dignitaries - Shridhar Gadke (Chief Guest), Sh. R. Sundaram, Sh. Arun Ojha, Sh. Ajay Patki, Dr. Ashwani Mahajan, Dr. Dhanpat Ram Aggrawal, Sh.  Kashmiri Lal, Sh. Satish Kumar, Mrs. Amita Patki. Dr. Raj Kumar Mittal, who conducted the inaugural session, introduced dignitaries on the dais and welcomed  all respected members and invitees present in the meeting. 

The National Co-convenor, Sh. Ajay Patki presented the concept and themeof the meeting and pointed out that Swadeshi Jagran Manch, along with the economic group of the Sangh consisting of 11 different organizations, will implement the Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) at the state and district level with enthusiasm and speed, in order to connect 37 crore youth of the country with employment. Sh. Jitendra Gupta, co-coordinator of Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyanput before the members the whole concept of SBA which was initiated two years ago. The different organizations of the economic group together made a plan on the situation of unemployment which is becoming difficult day by day in the country. According to the guidance received from Man. Dr. Krishna Gopal ji, Sah Sarkaryavah of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the work of creating employment and changing the environment of the country should be done through entrepreneurship. In the coming days, regional workshops will be organized, due to which the work in the direction of self-employment will move forward. Every effort will be made through this campaign for mental change among the youth through entrepreneurship and self-employment. The endeavour is to shift the mindset of youth of the country from job seeker to job provider.

In his inaugural address, Shridhar Gadke ji, Sahasanghchalak Nagpur Mahanagar, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh said that Nagpur is the Gangotri of thought flow and the ideas that Swadeshi Jagran Manch has for a self-reliant India should continue. He said that material progress is required along with spiritual progress. Just as Rashtrarishi Dattopant ji, working with the trade union, in which they will work in the interest of the country, and will take full price for their work, exhorted the youth to have a sense of work with contemplation for the prosperity of the country. If the country is to prosper, then the people, the society, have to prosper.

Sh. Satish Kumar, National co-organizer, Swadeshi Jagran Manch, enthused the  members of the Rastriya Parishad with swadeshi slogans - ‘Village – City’s each call - entrepreneurship and self-employment’ and Adopt Self-employment - country will prosper’. In his dialogue with the participants state-wise, he obtained information about their participation and told that in the Parishad’s two-days meeting, ‘Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan’ will be at the center of discussion. By accepting the challenge of making the country’s 37 crore youths employable and making them useful through skill development is the biggest problem of the country to deal with. Issues of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, such as retail trade, GM seeds, WTO, environment, inflation, RCEP, etc. are still important for us. He opined that with the help of educational organizations, we will solve the unemployment problem in the next 2 to 3 years through skill development, entrepreneurship and self-employment.

  • Second Session

Second session the progress of swadeshi work region-wise was  presented by region – convenors/ co-convenors/ organiser. 

1. South Zone – Sh. Satyanarayana, 2. South Central Zone - Dr. Lingamurthy, 3. West Zone- Sh. Ramesh Dave, 4. Central Zone - Dr. Raghavendra Singh Chandel, 5. North West Zone, Rajasthan - Dr. Satish Acharya, 6. North Zone - Dr. Raj Kumar Mittal, 7. Western U.P. - Dr. Rajeev Kumar, 8. Eastern UP. - Dr. Sarvesh Pandey, 9. North East Zone – Sh. Sachindra Bariyar, 10. East Zone- Sh. Shatrughan Terai, 11. North East Zone – Sh. Ananda Shankar Panigrahi.

After this, Dr. Pradeep Chauhan, Secretary, Swadeshi Shoddh Sansthan, Delhi shared information about his book ‘Igniting 37 Crore Growth Engines’. Describing the book, he said that only youth are helpful in the direction and development of a country and the country which has more youth, that country develops more. After that, Mrs. Archana Meena, Co-coordinator SBA, while expressing her views said that she plans to write a book on the success stories of 101 successful entrepreneurs in the country. In the end, Dr. Rajkumar Chaturvedi who chaired the session said that India should be number one in the world, this is the spirit of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, which is possible through SBA. Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Region Convenor, conducted the session.

  • Third Session

Two resolutions were passed in this session. First, ‘National interest should be protected in the World Trade Organisation’, which was read and explained by Dr. Ashwani Mahajan, National co-convenor. Second resolution, “Global turmoil, inflation and the challenges ahead for the Indian economy” was presented and explained by Prof. Bhagwati Prakash Sharma. Both the resolutions were passed with discussion and amendments.

Dr. Dharmendra Dubey conducted the stage in this session. There was a proud presence of Shri R. Sundaram and Shri Kashmiri Lal on the stage.

  • Fourth Session

In this session,three topics - holding seminars to promote entrepreneurship at district level, promoting full time volunteers for SBA and creation of Rojgar Srijan Kendras at each district, were discussed in five parallel groups:  South Zone -  Dr. R. Lingamurthy and Sh. R. Sundaram;  Central Zone – Sh. Jitendra Gupta and Prof. Bhagwati Prakash Sharma; Rajasthan and North Zone - Mrs. Archana Meenaand Sh. Kashmiri Lal; Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Western U.P.: Sh. Ajay Upadhyay, Dr. Ashwani Mahajan and Sh. Annada Shankar Panigrahi; Northeast & Bihar – Sh. Dhanpatram Aggrawal and Sh. Arun Ojha.

  • Fifth Session

In this session, the members of the Rashtriya Parishad were addressed online by the office bearers of different organizations. They shared information about how the Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan is planned to be run in their respective organizations and also about the projects which are going on or are to be initiated. Sh. Prakash Chand ji – Laghu Udhyog Bharati, Sh. Dinkar ji – Grahak Panchayat, Sh. Anand Goyal ji – Vishav Hindu Parishad, Sh. Sankaranand ji - Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, Sh. Sanjay ji - Sahakar Bharati, Sh. B. Satish ji - BJP, Sh. Atul ji - Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Sh. Prafulla ji- Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, Sh. Gajendra ji - Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, Sh. Vijay Puranik ji- Rashtriya Seva Bharti addressed the members. 

  • Sixth session

On June 5, 2022, (the 2nd day of the Rashtriya Parishad meeting) in the sixth session, the discussion centred around environmental issues. Few allied issues were taken up for discussion.  Sh. R. Sundaram, Sh. Kashmiri Lal, Dr. Dhanpatram Aggrawal, Smt. Amita Patki, Scientist Dr.  K. Krishnamurthy, entrepreneur Sh. Radheshyam Choel, Dr. Pratibha Chaturvedi and CA Anil Sharma graced the dais.  Sh. Amalan Kusum Ghosh conducted the session.

Smt. Amita Patki called for creating public awareness for the protection of water, land, forest and animals for environmental protection.She explained her point by taking few examples and using question-answer methodology. 

According to Dr. Dhanpatram Aggarwal, our sages have emphasised on having indulgence in life with restraint as well as sacrifice. For this reason, instead of exploiting natural resources for the paradigm of indigenous development, harmony can be brought in the lives of human beings only by exploiting natural resources as per the requirement.

Sh. Mahesh Nehwal opined that drinking water on the earth is continuously decreasing and getting polluted due to which we have to drink poisonous water. Therefore, we should make maximum use and conservation of nectar-like rain water for drinking.

Dr. K. Krishnamurthy said that the use of plastic should be minimised, we should resort to maximum tree plantation i.e. every person should plant one tree every year and protect the same. 

Sh. Radheshyam Choyal informed that a digital effort has been made to connect not only lakhs but crores of youth with Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan, through a website named MySBA, in which information in digital form shall be shared. Information about SBA, Rojgar Srijan Kendras, and other useful contents in digital form shall be made available. 

Smt. Pratibha Chaturvedi informed that at present about 21 percent women are in employment. If weekly skill development training is given to these women who are not in employment through online meetings, then the remaining women can also be linked to self-employment.

  • Seventh session

Sh. Satish Kumar, Sh. Deepak Sharma ‘Pradeep’, CA Anil Sharma, Prof. Somnath Sachdeva and Dr. Dharmendra Dubey graced the stage. The session was conducted by Prof. Somnath Sachdeva.

CA Anil Sharma clarified the distinction between a job and employment. He said that we should equate employment with income earning instead of solely linking it with a job– govt. or private. 

Dr Dharmendra Dubey said that under the media management of Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan, we need to develop a comprehensive plan - preparing database of local media, be in regular touch with all types of media (print, electronic, social, outdoor) and keep update information related to economic, social, commercial, agricultural, environmental and cottage-small-medium enterprises.

Sh. Deepak Sharma ‘Pradeep’ informed that the workers of Swadeshi Jagran Manch have been operating different properties and bank accounts with the help of the society in the last 30 years. For any kind of financial cooperation and transparency in the matter of expenditure, the accounts should be placed before the team.

Sh. Satish Kumar, while highlighting the working of the whole SBA campaign, said that when we have to do small work, we do it ourselves. If there is a big work, then it is done with the cooperation of the team and if there is a social work, then it is done by connecting social, religious, educational and economic institutions. Whether it is Zila Rojgar Srijan Kendra or Entrepreneurship Promotion Seminars, the campaign has to be carried forward with the help of educational and social organizations and we have to act as catalyst. Suggestions were invited   for making Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan successful. The  main suggestions include; employment can be increased by providing technology to entrepreneurs, youth should be taught to market the product, indigenous symbols should be applied on the products, loan facility should be available through skill credit card, information about local songs, new entrepreneurs, traders, start-ups  should be included in the speeches.

Valedictory Session: Sh. R. Sundaram, Shri Anand Deshpande, Shri Arun Ojha, Prof. Bhagwati Prakash Sharma, Sh. Ajay Patki, Dr. Ashwani Mahajan, Sh. Kashmiri Lal, Sh.Satish Kumar and Dr. Dhanpat Ram Aggarwal graced the dais while the session was conducted by Dr. Lingamurthy.

Sh. Arun Ojha in his address informed that Swadeshi Jagran Manch has been working for the protection of the enterprises of the country since its inception through various movements in the name of local and indigenous self-employment. Presently   a wave of self-employment is going on in the country, which should be used as an opportunity to change the mindset of the youth towards self employment &entrepreneurship which is the main objective of SBA. 

Sh. Anand Deshpande, who  is the founder of  IT company  - PERSISTENT SERVICES LTD., which is Pune based company established in the year 1990, and employs more than 21000 people was the chief guest of the valedictory session. The Company runs De ASARA – NGO, to provide advice and guidance to entrepreneurs having business in the range from five lakhs to one crore. Under this lot of digital contents are available free of cost to support small entrepreneurs and help them to scale up their business.

Sh. Kashmiri Lal said that after attending  the meeting of the Rashtriya Parishad, we should bydoubling our time to be devoted for SBA, prepare the list of Swadeshi Products by including local products in the lists.In this campaign, leaflets, magazines, news of Swadeshi should be published , street demonstration is necessary. Manchand SBA work should go together.  By making a list of successful entrepreneurs in the campaign, cooperation of youth should be solicited. One can make the campaign successful by celebrating all types of days related to Swadeshi Jagran Manch and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship promotion seminars are  to be organised in  respective districts from July 15 to August 21, 25 September to 02 October - Swadeshi Week, 19 November - Women’s Privacy Day, 12 December - Babu Gennu Sacrifice Day.

Sh. R. Sundaram said that the problem of unemployment can be solved by making youth and entrepreneurs self-reliant at the local level. New technology is also necessary to make the country self-reliant. Do not ignore the experience of the lower level, plantation should be done for the environment enrichment, proper use instead of exploitation of natural resources should be promoted. 

On the proposal of Shri R. Sundaram, the following new responsibilities were announced by the national organizer Sh. Kashmiri Lal. 

All India Responsibility

1.    Dr. Rajeev Kumar (Moradabad) –Akhil Bhartiya Sah Vichar Vibhag Pramukh a long with the present position of Regional Convenor of Western UP.

Prant Responsibilities 

1.    Sh. Ishwar - Sah-Prant Convenor
2.    Mrs. Swapna Bala –Mahila Prant Pramukh

South Karnataka
1.    Sh. Gururaj - Prant Convenor 
2.    Shri Vijay Krishna -  Karnataka Prant Vichar Vibhag Pramukh

North Karnataka
1.    Sh. Sameer Kulkarni - Prant Convenor 
2.    Dr. Basavaraj Somanvardi–Prant Vichar Vibhag Pramukh

1.    Sh. Girish Kangle - Prant Convenor 

Western Maharashtra
1.    Sh.  Hemant Sathe - Prant Convenor
2.    Sh.  Suhas Yadav -  Prant Vichar Vibhag Pramukh (earlier Prant Convenor) 

Madhya Bharat
1.    Sh. Rakesh Sharma (Gwalior) - Prant Co-Convener (Earlier Prant Sah Vichar Vibhag Pramukh)

1.    Sh. Pankaj Jindal (Ludhiana)–Prant Co-Convenor 

Meerut Prant
1.    Sh. Sandeep Singh Badoli - Prant Co-Convener

Brij Prant
1.    Sh. Manoj Agarwal (Hathras) - Prant Co-Convener
2.    Sh. Lavkush Mishra -  Member Prant Parishad 

Awadh Prant
1.    Sh. Banshidhar – Prant Co-Convenor (Earlier Vibhag Convenor)

Kanpur Prant
1.    Sh. Praveen Mishra - Prant Convenor (earlier  Prant Sampark Pramukh)
2.    Respected Varun Prapannacharya Ji Maharaj – Prant Samparak Pramukh (Earlier Prant Sah Samparak Pramukh)

Eastern Odisha
1.    Mr. Nirmal Shadangi - Prant Co-Convener

South Assam
1.    Sh. Shantanu Sutradhar – Prant Co-Convenor (Earlier  Prant Prachar Pramukh)

1.    CA Ratanadas – Prant Co-Convenor (earlier Prant SBA Coordinator), now will act in both capacities.

North Bengal
1.    Mr. Partha Dum – Prant Co-Convenor 

The two-day National Council Meeting concluded with the Vande Mataram by Deepti Piyasi.

Prof. Raj Kumar Mittal
Akhil Bhartiya Vihar VibhagPramukh

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