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Swadeshi Jagran Manch
13th National Assembly
Kurukshetra (Haryana) - 12-14 Nov. 2016

Job creation must be thrust of economic policies

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch takes serious note of the rapidly diminishing employment opportunities and declining quality of the employment opportunity available resulting in growing inequality at an alarming speed and incessant dislocation of people from rural to urban areas. Self employment ceases t be an option anymore. Entrepreneurs be they I agriculture and allied activity, MSME sector or tiny traders are forced to become casual or contractual labour in the country. SJM is constrained to put on record its discontent, aversion and dissatisfaction for ignoring the warning signals by the government and the people at the helm of affairs.

SJM in its Jodhpur convention had cautioned the government about Transformation of the country into a market for cheap imported goods through liberalisation of imports under the economic reforms; over-emphasized promotion of foreign direct investment (FDI) leading to the takeover of the ownership and control of 2/3rd of the organised manufacturing sector by foreign multinational corporations. However we are pained to state that same situation continues in spite of its disastrous effect on the economy reflected in the country’s unemployment rate reaching to a five-year high of five per cent in 2015-16, from 3.8 per cent in 2011-12.

The situation is set to worsen further given the reports/ studies indicating that not only are very few new jobs being created ( merely 60-80 lakhs yearly as against required 1.8 crore every year) but the existent are either wiped out or under serious threat. one report from world bank has predicted that “automation” alone threatens 69% jobs in India.

There are warnings from scientists that rapid development taking place in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics poses grave threat to mass employment.

Similarly Urbanisation is taking place at a faster rate and inequality in earnings is also increasing at an alarming rate having almost doubled in last two decades, making it the worst performer on this count of all emerging economies. The top 10% of wage earners now make 12 times more than the bottom 10%, up from a ratio of six in the 1990s as is shown by the latest annual household survey on employment conducted by Labour Bureau.

NDA government led by BJP came to power promising more employment, eradicating poverty and keeping the prices down. SJM regrets to note that the performance on the promises is far from satisfactory. On the contrary several steps taken by this government are proving to be counterproductive. While much publicised Make in India has not delivered any impact of consequence opening up of almost all sectors to FDI has further complicated economic revival. Capacity of Manufacturing sector to create more jobs is further contrived as MNCs import products as first preference even in the cases where quality products are available indigenously. Procurement process is also adding to the woes of Indian Industry across the sectors including services.

Rashtriya Sabha of SJM demands that the government of India must –
1. Shed chasing elusive FDI and tighten screws of MNCs and compel them to purchase locally available products.
2. Impose effective control over cheap imports.
3. Promote Job oriented industrial sectors.
4. Encourage agri-based industry in rural areas like Animal Husbandry, Poultry farming, fishery, apiculture etc. so as to reverse displacement from rural to urban areas.

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