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After Independence the Government of our country tried to find the path of progress in Western model of development in the light of the western glamour.

Historically the G.D.P. of India that is Bharat was 25% of the whole world. Due to the path adopted by government our country started lagging behind and China has been progressing rapidly. Today china has become manufacturing hub of the world. Right from small items like cosmetics, gift items to highly technical communication and electronics equipment, China brand has encroached Indian market. As much as 30% items in market are made in China. The trade deficit with china has reached 40 billion US dollars. Our country is passing through the period of severe trade deficit. In 1990-91 India had a worst financial situation during which domestic gold reserves were required to be kept as security for getting loan. During that period the balance of payment deficit was 3 to 3.5 % of G.D.P. Today it is 6.7% to G.D.P.and has reached 100 billion dollars out of which 40% is due to trade deficit with China alone.

The rupee is under pressure today and may fall to any extent. Government has given enormous concessions to the foreign investors and despite the same there seems no possibility of any improvement in the situation. Govt. is blaming economic crisis in European countries and the rising oil prices and is expressing its helplessness to solve this situation. However reality is that the Government is adopting anti people policies and their nexus with the corrupt people and criminal negligence is resulting in the trade deficit.

China is an Atomic power and is a source of trouble for all the nations of the world and as a neighbour of India, for us in particular. In 1962 China invaded India and waged war against us. In last 50 year there have been 469 cases of intrusion by China. It has constructed dams on Brahmputra river at number of places which has resulted in regular flood / drought. threat to Assam. China is helping in drug trafficking which is ruining our young generation .China is also indulging immorally and unethically in cyber terror thought out the world by disrupting and discrediting IT field with the help of over 10000 professional hackers named 'cyber warriors' .China is regularly indulging in intrusion and tress passing activities on Leh and Ladakh border, along with other border too. Thus China is challenging India's sovereignty. Negligence of such vociferous activities of china would cost India heavily. Hence national council of S.J.M. demands the following -
1. There should be a total ban on Chinese goods which are used in different projects (Government and Private) in India.

2. Strong steps should be taken by the government and it should start different projects to make the tribes (vanvasis) self dependent to deny China an opportunity to exploit.

3. Govt. should impose restrictions on exports of minerals &exploitation of our natural resources.

4. Govt. should take immediate steps to promote the small scale industries.

5. Expenditure on research an development be increased to tough competition to china.

6. Chinese companies be debarred from entering in areas of strategic importation find Chinese companies be disallowed from entering into defense production.

7. Lastly the S.J.M. strongly appeals to the Indian public to boycott the Chinese goods & items to defeat the Chinese conspiracy.

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