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National Council Meeting at Bhopal � Resolution 3

Global warming is no longer a purely academic issue to be discussed at only national and global scientific communities. The wolf is at our door steps. India is witnessing historically high temperature not witnessed in the last 100 years. The temperature at different parts of the country varies from a minimum of 400C and a maximum of 500C during April-May 2016.

This scorching heat is associated with severe to very severe drinking water problem resulting in the spread of water related Diseases.

The scorching heat has also resulted in withering away of standing crops, putting the farming community to further misery and hopelessness.

Another worrying aspect of the heat surge is the widespread forest fire which has destroyed nearly 6000 acres of valuable forest in Uttrakhand and else where in the country.

Global warming has attacked the country this year severely. We must remember that these, climate change events are not one off events as in the previous decades. But they are part of a long term trend called global warming. We have to be prepared for even more devastating climatic events in the years to come.

In these life threatening circumstances, Swadeshi Jagran Manch urges the government, to tackle global warming and climate change with all the seriousness it deserves.

1. Give immediate and top priority for conservation of water, such as rejuvenation of our tanks and other water bodies.

2. Control or even close down coca-cola, pepsi-cola and such other water wasting soft drinks industries.

3. Roof top an land based rain water harvesting systems must be enforced strictly and incentivised.

4. Impose severe restrictions on cutting trees for so called development projects – Conservation of existing forests and creation of new forests with local species of trees should be taken up with utmost priority.

5. Cultivation of sugarcane and such other water intensive crops should be controlled and priority should be accorded to less water using crops such as millets and pulses. Water guzzling industries must also be capped.

6. Government should understand that survival is more important then so called development.

7. Calamity relief agencies should be increased in number and strengthened further with modern technology so that immediate relief is provided in the events of floods and fires.


SJM also urges and appeals the general public including its Karayakartas to cooperate fully with the public and private initiatives for water conservation rain water harvesting, prevention of water wastage and water misuse, forest conservation, tree planting and such other measures, so urgently required for our very survival.

Forest conservation and water conservation should be treated by one and all as developmental activities.

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