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‘300 years ago there was no unemployment in our country’

A meet of Swadeshi Jagran Manch started at the Madhavseva Nyas Bharat Mata Mandir at 11 am on 28 August 2021. In his address Mahamandaleshwar Acharya Shekhar said that the Swadeshi movement owes its basic ideology to Sanatan. The keynote speaker of the inaugural session, Satish Kumar said, Swadeshi Jagran Manch launched the Patent Free Vaccine Campaign during the Covid outbreak.

We have taken a vow to contribute to the development of the country. Our country is the only nation in the world with youth power but our country is still behind due to poverty. Poverty has still not been eliminated as it has remained a slogan only for politics. Now for the coming 10 years we should aim to strengthen the country’s economic prosperity with environment friendly thoughts. We will work till we do not reach above the below poverty line. How can we consider ourselves prosperous unless 100% youth of the country is employed? India will have to take high leaps due to which every city, town, village and every hand can be brought to work and every area can be brought on the path of progress, he added.

On unemployment, Satish Kumar said the workers of Swadeshi Jagran Manch aim to fix the economy of the poor. We take strength from the thought that we can make the country economically prosperous as 300 years ago there was no unemployment in our country. The British destroyed our economy, education and our culture, as a result of this, our country is also suffering from the disease of unemployment. Even the religious and social structure of our country was such that we were neither poor nor unemployed because our basic education was our strength.

During the inaugural session Keshav Dubolia, Manoj Dwivedi, Dilip Singh Chauhan Province Convenor, Preeti Goyal Province Convenor Women’s Unit, Kamlesh Paliwal, Dr Vishal Purohit, Rahul Vishwakarma and Indore Ujjain division workers were present.


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