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Chennai Meeting Resolution-2

Review and Ban the Nuclear Energy Programme

The Earth Quake in Japan on 11th of March and the killer Tsunami which struck immediately afterwards are paling into insignificance before the disaster of Fukushima Nuclear Plant. There are 6 nuclear reactors at Fukushima plant and all are BWR type. The killer Tsunami on 11th March totally destroyed the cooling system of the reactors (LOCA). As a result there was a heat surge in reactor core, leading to explosions, partial damage of the fuel rods and escaping of radio active materials into the surrounding atmosphere. A nuclear emergency was immediately declared. All the people were evacuated in 20 k.m. exclusion zone around the plant. the people were warned not to consume milk and other food products of the exclusion zone. The sea water around Fukushima also have become highly radio active seriously affecting the marine life. Even after nearly one month, the authorities are unable to contain the spread of radiation from the reactors. Japanese are highly technically advanced and extremely disciplined people. Such people are facing the nuclear disaster.

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster has made several countries of the world to sit up and review the safety standard and emergency preparedness of their nuclear reactors. India also has to do it.

India today has 19 working nuclear reactors. Except 2 at Tarapur, all others and CANDU type PHWR reactors. The total installed capacity is 4000 MW accounting for 4% of our total installed capacity.

The UPA government under PM Manmohand Singh has a highly ambitious programme for developing nuclear energy in the country.
• It has concluded the highly controversial Indo US Civilian Nuclear Agreement which gets its recognition from IAEA and the nuclear supply group. It has also passed nuclear liability bill.
• India wants to take its nuclear power capacity from 4000 MWE as on 2011 to 60000 MWE by 2030. 150 times expansion in just 20 years.
• All these would be achieved with imported reactors, imported uranium fuel and imported technology.

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